Welcome to the private stock market.

The matching system for buyers and sellers of shares in private, VC-backed companies.

Find your counterparty, negotiate direct, and make a deal.

Hiive is the stock market for unicorns.

Accredited investors and qualified funds can place an order to buy or sell shares of late stage venture backed companies directly from another party, and without the involvement of a live broker. Hiive automates and centralizes proven processes from the traditional secondary market, without reinventing them.

Discover Market Pricing

Find live bids and listings for many of the largest and most liquid unicorns. Come for price discovery, and stay for supply and liquidity.

Automate your sale process

Place a bid. Post shares for sale. Standardize your fees and automate your agreements. So you can stop chasing brokers, and they can stop chasing you.

Directly access the market

Check the current bid and ask, then set your price. Message directly with the other side, agree on a trade, and close your deal. Hiive puts you in control.

Get expert support

Execute the trade on your own, or access one of our Security Specialists to better understand the market for your stock, strategize on your trade, or to get extra help finding a bidder or seller.

How can Hiive work for you?


Instant Price Discovery

Fixed and competitive prices

Anonymity until you sell

Seamless transaction process


The secondary market just got a whole lot clearer

Funds & Investors

Access a central marketplace

Deal direct with your counterparty

Anonymity until you transact

Automate your transaction process

Funds & Investors

Take the friction out of secondary trading


Cap table control without fees, commitments or financial disclosures

Hiive is a regulated environment

Hiive can simplify your cap table

Share transfers are easier with Hiive


You approve. Hiive takes care of the rest

Designed and built by the global leaders in secondary trading.

The first private stock market.

Securities are offered by Hiive Markets Limited, member of FINRA / SPC. Find Hiive on BrokerCheck

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